Hair Extensions


We provide a fabulous hair extension treatment at Diva Hair Studio, we exclusively only use Dream Girl human hair extensions. Dream Girl supply some of the finest 100% human hair extensions available in salons, so our clients can rest assure that they are receiving the best quality service we have to offer.

Hair extensions are one of the most effective ways to completely transform your look; they allow our clients to achieve lengths, styles, and texture, which they may find hard to achieve with their natural hair type. Our hair extension treatment can instantly add Rapunzel style locks, without having to wait months for your hair to grow.

We believe a new hair style can help attain a new sense of confidence; we would like to help all our clients achieve their fantasy hair, with our Dream Girl hair extensions. The benefits of human hair extensions are that they blend seamlessly into your natural hair colour and texture, unlike synthetic extensions which can look noticeably false.

Also human hair extensions are much easier to care for, as they can be styled using heated appliances such as tongs, and maintained in the same way as your natural hair.

All of the hair extensions dream girl supplies are ethically sourced, from South-East Asia. We actively try to acquire all the products we stock in our salon from reputable, ethical traders, in order to provide our clients with the best quality products through the fairest methods.

Our prices for our hair extension are just £55 for weaved and £85 for micro rings, plus the price of the hair which depends on your choice of colour and length. This price includes a shampoo suitable for the care of your extensions.

For more information on our hair extension treatments, or to book an appointment call us on: 02392 582858